Let our family, serve your family.


Dr. Adam SMith

co owner & Chiropractor

Family First

Dr. Adam is a Maryland native, hailing from the Eastern Shore in Salisbury, MD, where he grew up the middle eldest of four. Dr. Adam learned at a very early age the importance of family and what it takes to make sure that family comes first. With health as our #1 asset, Dr. Adam’s goal is to ensure that you and your family can enjoy and experience all the things that matter.

Education and Certifications

Dr. Adam is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in sunny Port Orange, FL. Palmer College is known as the fountainhead of Chiropractic education. Dr. Adam graduated Summa Cum Laude, as the Valedictorian of his class. He was nominated for the Virgil Strang award at Palmer FL, an award given to a student who demonstrates distinguished accomplishments and contributions in the area of chiropractic philosophical principles. Dr. Adam practices a very specific technique called Torque Release Technique (TRT). He is certified with the highest rating, Advanced Proficiency, in Torque Release Technique and was also awarded Fellow of Holder Research Institute by the founders of the technique for his contributions in teaching TRT to other doctors and students. At the time of induction, Dr. Adam became one of 17 people in the world with the recognition. Dr. Adam is also a certified Webster Technique Chiropractor, a technique specific for women during pregnancy.

Doctor, in Latin, means teacher. Dr. Adam looks forward to educating and leading the community in true health, and he is excited for the opportunity to serve your family!


Brooka Smith

Co-owner & Office Manager

Brooka grew up in a small town in southern Pennsylvania where she spent most of her time with her large family and friends. She enjoys the beach as much as ice cream, and loves to travel to new places. Brooka is passionate about community and desires to build it wherever she goes.

In addition, Brooka has a huge passion for serving and educating people. She wants people to know about the incredible power and design of the human body, that God does not make junk and our bodies are meant to heal from the inside out. Brooka strives for the masses to know this truth. She wants to see restoration in health and relationships among families. When a family unit is functioning healthier, it contributes to a happier, healthier community.

Brooka graduated Summa Cum Laude from Salisbury University with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She spent 3 years teaching kindergarten and loving on the little ones in Daytona Beach, FL while Dr. Adam started and finished schooling. Her love for chiropractic grew as well as her desire to build a business ministry with her husband, and now she is co-owner and office manager of the practice. Brooka loves to educate people in our community about what true health looks like!