Torque Release Technique FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Torque Release Technique (TRT)

-how the technique works
-how to know where to adjust
-the difference between an Integrator and Activator
-why we only adjusts 3 subluxations
-who created the technique.

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How does the technique work?

The technique is entirely neurological… And the best part is there is no need for the twisting, cracking or popping of the neck and back that most people associate with Chiropractic. After locating where to adjust, the adjustment itself is very gentle and specific with just the right amount of force to make the correction.

To simply put something very complex, the technique works by locating where in the spine the most neurological insult is happening — this is called the primary subluxation.

Although the body is very smart, and thus, the body is always trying to correct itself, it cannot correct every subluxation it encounters. With the primary subluxation, the body attempts to correct it by shifting other vertebrae of the spine to compensate. These misalignments are called secondary, or even tertiary, subluxations. If we only locate and correct these secondary and tertiary subluxations, then we never get to the root cause of your health concerns and never get true correction that holds. We must find the primary! This technique allows us to do just that. Then, with a very gentle and specific adjustment with the Integrator, we can correct the primary misalignment.

How do you know where to adjust me?

As you may have heard us say before, the best doctor is the one within! Your body knows exactly what needs to be adjusted at all times. During the functional leg length check and with specific pressure tests along the spine, your legs will actually change lengths. After pressure testing the one vertebral level, and only one, that causes the legs to go perfectly even, we have found exactly where your body is neurologically suffering. If you don’t believe us, ask Dr. Adam to show you next time you are in with your family!

What is the difference between the Integrator and other adjusting instruments?

All Chiropractic instruments can be very helpful and beneficial for a practice member. In our opinion, the Integrator is hands down the most effective at correcting the subluxation, hence why we have chosen to use it here in our office. The Integrator fires at a certain threshold after the instrument has been pre-loaded, or “cocked.” This threshold is the same with every adjustment, therefore it is the same adjustment each time. This is very unique to this instrument, as it removes all outside factors and creates the most inter-reliability between each doctor and adjustment. AKA it means this technique is so reproducible, which allows you to get the most out of your care in our office.

Why do you only adjust up to 3 subluxations?

Research shows that each corrected primary subluxation accounts for 8-10 secondary or tertiary subluxations. Therefore, by “limiting” each visit to no more than 3 adjustments, we are actually working on up to 30 subluxations!! SAYWHAAAA?!

There is a simple principle in life that states less is more. Your nervous system requires just that! By doing less, we see much more results.

Too much input into the nervous system causes the system to be overwhelmed. What does this mean for you? If your system is overwhelmed after your visit, how is it suppose to adapt to what we are trying to do with the Chiropractic adjustment? It cannot do that efficiently and you did not get the most possible out of your visit — that is why less is always more! With a few adjustments each visit over time, you will see the greatest amount of improvement in overall health and well-being.


Who created the technique?

Jay Holder, DC, MD created the technique, in what is known as the “second century” of Chiropractic. It is the ONLY technique in Chiropractic today that was founded out of a randomized clinical trial, blinded with placebo control! The craziest part? The study was never conducted to create a new technique. TRT was founded ACCIDENTALLY! Dr. Jay simply looked to provide Chiropractic adjustments that were reproducible with great inter-reliability between different chiropractors each and every time.

He took the best part of 7 well-known techniques and helped design the Integrator to achieve the reproducible results they desired.

After completing the trial, he realized he had something never seen or done before in the field of Chiropractic! This technique is changing the lives of thousands of individuals and families every day across the world! We are grateful for the work Holder Research Institute has contributed to the field of Chiropractic, and we are more than excited to be providing this service to our community.