What to Expect

At Restoration Family Chiropractic you will be greeted with a warm smile and a heart that is willing and ready to serve you. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where you will feel like you are at home. We look forward to providing very specific and gentle care for you and your family as you become part of ours!


Step 1: Intake paperwork

All new practice members will fill out intake paperwork at home or in the office. This allows our team to best serve your needs. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you need to fill out paperwork.

*Scroll to the bottom of the website to download our intake paperwork.


Step 2: Office tour

We want to show you our home and what we are all about! A quick tour will be given so you know where everything is, feel comfortable in our office, and learn a few things about chiropractic.


step 3: consultation

A one-on-one consultation will take place where we dig deeper to discover your health challenges, your health goals, and explain exactly how we will get to the root cause of your health concerns and correct it at the source with specific chiropractic care.


step 4: assessments

We will utilize our state of the art technology to get a direct representation of how your nervous system is functioning, where nerve interference is occurring, and how much stress is taking place within your body.


step 5: Specific Postural x-rays

Our final step of your initial visit is to take postural x-rays if the doctor find that it is necessary. X-rays allow for us to see any loss of curvature, disc space, or any degeneration.


step 6: Doctor’s Report of Findings

Following your first visit, the doctor will individually review your neurological evaluation and x-ray findings from your assessment as well as discuss the doctor’s recommendations for care.


step 7: The Chiropractic adjustment

After a thorough analysis using our state of the art technology and a report of the findings, Dr. Adam will deliver a gentle, specific, scientific, Chiropractic adjustment that will restore the full healing potential of your body to allow your body to function optimally and naturally, as God designed it.